Roof Tune-Up

Roof Tune-Up

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Have you seen a few shingles that may have fallen from your roof? Or maybe you think you have a small leak in an attic or room. Whatever the Roof problem may be, Home Remedy is here to help you find it.


Roof maintenance is critical in Houston, TX, between the burning Texas sun, the seasonal hail storms, and yearly chance of hurricanes, your roof can really take a beating! That is why Home Remedy put together our Roof Tune-Up package, this package will take a complete look over your entire roof to check for problems, while also taking care of minor additional repairs.


For example, if you are missing a few shingles, or have a damaged roof jack, we can help you replace and repair these.



While we are up there, we will still take the time to check and nail down any loose shingles, or clean off and fallen leaves or branches. This is a great tune up package, that as home owners, we would recommend having this inspection done yearly!